As a child, Danica Favorite drove teachers and librarians crazy with her voracious appetite for books. When she ran out of material deemed appropriate for her age group, she began writing her own stories. Even then, she adored an emotional read. Unfortunately, this led to visits to the school counselor’s office because no one could believe that something so gripping could have come from the imagination of a little girl.

Today, she still loves a compelling read. Her job promoting books for a major publisher has given her the opportunity to meet many of the authors who inspired her growing up. Never did she imagine that the people who took her to far away places would someday be the same folks she called friends. But it shouldn’t be too surprising. After all, books have been among her best friends for years.

Danica graduated with a B.A. in History and Political Science from Regis University. While her degree doesn’t qualify her for anything resembling a real job, it gave her imagination room to soar and more fodder for her writing.

Having spent most of her life in Colorado, Danica loves the mountains. She lives in the Denver area with her husband, Randy, who inspires her to chase after her dreams. Together they have four children ranging in age from 9 to 25, a crazy dog, and three adorable chickens.

Put it all together, and you find an adventurous writer who likes to explore the depths of human nature and follow people on the journey to happily ever after. Oops, that just spoiled the ending of all of Danica’s stories. Then again, getting there is all the fun.

Her first book with Love Inspired Historical will be out in November 2014.