Reading goals

I know… lots of goals to start off my year. But I think reading is a priority that I’ve let slip in my life. I love to read, but I’m embarrassed to say that I read less than I’ve ever read. I turn down reviews because I know I won’t have time for them, and I hate that. I love reading new books. I don’t even read the books I love to read because it seems like there’s too many other things to do.

So this year, I’m making reading a priority again. Rather than just saying it, I’m making reading a measurable goal.

Here are my reading goals for the year:

1. Read one current book from each Love Inspired line each month.
I know, this sounds silly, since I work with them, but I am really bad about pacing myself. When my shipment comes, I tend to gorge on the LIHs, then I get busy and forget to read the others. Or, I’ll decide to clean, then move them where I can’t find them. THEN, I’ll feel guilty for not reading the others, and I have a horrible backlog, so I do a catch-up gorge, and then don’t read the LIHs. All this to say, that I end up reading backlist books, and not the current ones. Ugh.

2. Read one nonfiction book each month. I love nonfiction, but I read those chapter by chapter. So, I’ll read a few chapters of a book, then put it down, forget where I put it, and never finish the book. ICK.

3. Read one new to me author each month. I’m really terrible about not reading new authors… well, that is, I read the new LI authors, but none anywhere else. I think I need to expand my horizons a little.

Do you have reading goals?


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