Using what I have

Using what I have

I have over 50 varieties of tea stashed in here. It’s getting harder and harder to find a place for all of my teas.

One of my priorities lately has been to do a better job of using what I have instead of buying new. We have so much stuff! So I’m starting to take inventory of what I have and seeing how I can use it up, making room for new, or, having a fresh place for everything to go.

Tea is one of my biggest weaknesses- and biggest delights. It’s also the go-to gift idea when someone who knows me wants to buy me something. Unfortunately, it also means that I have way too much tea! And I realized that I don’t drink most of it! I have my few daily standbys and only rarely do I drink something else. One of my favorite teas is Ginger Peach by Republic of Tea. I drink it almost every day. When I ran out about a week ago, I thought, “oh no, I have to go buy more.” Which is funny because I have about a million varieties of tea in my house.

Instead, I made a pledge to myself. No more new tea until I drink what I already have. The only exception to this is my bedtime teas, and that’s because there are few nighttime teas that don’t have chamomile, which I am allergic to. I’ve only found two teas that really work for me at night, so when I’m out of them, I can buy more. Everything else- NO NEW TEA!

I’ve dug into boxes of tea people sent me as gifts. Some were amazing! A few were duds. I rediscovered new favorites, and mourned when I drank the last cup. I’ve found a few teas that I wanted to save because they were so good, I didn’t want to say goodbye. Now, they are stale, and I wish I had drank it when it was fresh. Slowly, I am working through my tea collection, drinking it up.

Tea Station

My Tea station, where I keep my hot water boiler, teas I drink most often, sweeteners, and hot drinks for the kids.

The only thing I don’t know what to do about is the teas I don’t like. I realized that I have a number of varieties sitting in my cupboard that I purchased, had a few cups, and really don’t care for. Do I give them to friends, hoping they like them better? Do I throw them away? To me, that seems like a waste, because I’ve spent a lot of money on these teas. What would you do?

I’m finding a lot of joy in enjoying the teas that I have, saving money by not buying more tea, and feeling a sense of freedom as I clean out my cupboards.

Maybe you don’t have a vast collection of tea. But is there something in your house, in your life, that you could be using up instead of hoarding?

I hope you’ll consider using it up and enjoying it. Savor your tea (or whatever it is) before it gets stale.



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