If you’re a writer looking to get published, I know of  no better resource than the Harlequin.com community. That’s where I began my writing journey, and I’ve learned so much. It’s been wonderful watching so many people I’ve known there over the years getting their contracts. They have a lot of great free workshops and information, so check it out.

IMG_20140113_222653Writing and ART:

This is where I think a lot of writers are tempted to tune out. We think (and yes, I was one of the skeptics at first) “I’m a writer, not an artist.” But creativity, whether it be with visual arts or the written word, is one of the most important qualities a writer can encourage. Honestly, I think this is the most important thing I can share with writers. Through art journaling, I have drastically improved my writing as well as my productivity. Read my blog for great tips and information, or take a look at my art journal page.